The Yodeling Lesson Installation
bicycle powered video installation

In 2000 The American Institute of Architects located in Portland hosted the group show Taking Space, Making Place: Transforming Urban Experience. For this show, official Portland bike lane stencil alterer Todd Roberts created a custom naked lady bike lane stencil. Maker artist Adam Dowis devised a top-secret electronic box that required rigorous bicycling to provide the electricity required to project the 1998 movie The Yodeling Lesson starring Moe Bowstern. Attendees were invited to mount the bicycle and by pedaling, view the film in its entirety projected on a huge screen 10 feet away; many stationary cyclists mimicked Bowstern’s body movements as they rode together down Mississippi Hill. 

The installation has shown also at The TRUE/FALSE Film Fest in Columbia, Missouri, Not My House in Eugene, Oregon, at the Mix Festival in New York City and at the PDX Film Festival in Portland, Oregon. 

score: Donovan Skirvin
cinematography: Vanessa Renwick