2000, video installation

Rubberneck was one half of a show at the Manuel Izquierdo Gallery at PNCA (Pacific Northwest College of Art) called Re-Run, that consisted of two video installations. Both pieces addressed changes going on in the landscape of inner NW Portland as the land transformed from a railway yard to a high-end, high-rise neighborhood. In each installation, PNCA was only 2 blocks away from the developments.

Rubberneck was 2 super-comfy easy chairs, 2 space heaters, overhead heat lamps, a fur rug, an old t.v. console with a smaller TV on top of it. The lower TV was missing its tube, and in its place a fake log burned. Above the fake log a video loop showed a of a four-alarm fire consuming one of the new condo developments in the area. It was February in Portland, damp and dark. The warm orange glow and warmth attracted visitors to the chairs and kept them filled all day and night. 

score: Donovan Skirvin


The above photos were taken at Elizabeth Leach Gallery, where Rubberneck was later shown