2010, 3 minutes, SD video

More a diagnosis than a piece of music, Babyman the song chronicles one singer’s heartfelt journey from love to rejection, ending in a triumph of scorn and a vision of a future free from lying deadbeat dates. Charming folks who make terrible partners, intelligent people who make terrible choices have long been lyric subjects; this version has its tongue firmly in its cheek and leaves the viewer feeling somehow guilty and wronged all in one. The Motown-inspired tune is easy to learn, and may increase emotional intelligence after viewing.

lyrics : Moe Bowstern
cinematography : Vanessa Renwick and Phoebe Moore
edits : Vanessa Renwick, Viva Soffian and Tim Scotten
sound : Viva Soffian
gaffer & still photography : Montana Maurice
thanks :T.C. Smith and Karl Lind
the wretched hags : Elizabeth Venable, Tara Jane ONeil, Melanie Valera, Ana Helena DeCastro and Moe Bowstern
Babyman : John Paolilla
dog : Jinx