2010,  16 minutes looping, video installation

FULL ON LOG JAM features two cords of wood in a pile. Among the pile are cushions–comfy pillows made to look like mossy rocks. Visitors are invited to lie down on the ‘rocks’, look up at the video projected on the ceiling and don some provided headphones to enter the world of trees, and the filmmaker’s love of trees. We stare at the sun through a dappled lacework of fir needles, we smell the sharp heart of the firewood piled around us, and we bathe in Sam Coomes’ sound dream of music and birdsong, with rhythm occasionally provided by footage of Joe Henry, a ponytailed man in sneakers nonchalantly splitting giant rounds of wood, wood, wood! on the Warm Springs Reservation in Oregon.

score: Sam Coomes
camera and edit: Vanessa Renwick
online edit: Tim Scotten

Solo exhibition: as easy as falling off a log, PDX Contemporary Art