Hunker Down To Rise Above
2008 78 minutes

curated by Vanessa Renwick

The program starts out with a short by Gibbs Chapman which shows how in the modern era, the combined elements of human innovation and dementia have led us into a new relationship with our time and energy, one in which the quest for a current immediacy or an ease of operation has created a culture of lethargy and ignorance of new proportion. 
This film is followed by a slew of shorts which focus on folks taking matters into their own hands, be it within bike culture, hobo culture, kitchen culture or just plain ol' falling in love. These films are not the usual activist videos, but rather a hybrid of art/documentary and DIY. 

Push Button: A History of Idleness and Ignorance by Gibbs Chapman
Breadmakers by Yasmin Fedda
Tunnel of Love by Helen Hill
Making Chicken Dinner by Melinda Stone
Small Movements by Nicky Robare
The More Things Stay The Same by Marc Moscato
The Yodeling Lesson by Vanessa Renwick
Salim Baba by Tim Sternberg

The Waypost-Portland, Oregon- March 13, 2009
Micro Cine Fest-Cinecycle- Toronto, Ontario-Sept 5-12, 2008
Helsing Junction Sleepover -Independence Valley, WA- August 15, 2008
Village Building Convergence- "Extraordinarily Public Art" - May 29, 2008