9 is a secret
2002, 6 minutes, 16mm & video   

"Renwick recounts a sad time in her life, when a friend was dying and she suddenly became aware of the presence of crows. The dark birds in turn point her to the practice of counting crows, which is both a children's rhyming game and a form of divination in which the number of crows suggests events in the future. Eight crows augur death: nine crows reference a secret. Renwick combines these fragments with glimpses of imagery - a bed, the crows captures as silhouettes, a man's twisted body - to craft a lyrical and moving essay that works its magic through poetic accretion rather than narrative logic."
-Holly Willis, L.A. Weekly

score: Donovan Skirvin
cinematography : Vanessa Renwick
edit: Greg Snider & Vanessa Renwick