Red Stallions Revenge
2007,  7 minutes,  16mm to SD video  

Seventy-odd years ago, the set of the Hollywood Western was almost as crude as the message. Red Stallion’s Revenge reminds us, with much humor gained by the hindsight of modern technology, of the primitive art movies used to be. More seriously, the piece exposes the bombast behind the justification of utterly eradicating the wild to replace it with the herd. Throughout, the smooth crooning of Chris Sand and Trisha Lovgren slowly breaks our hearts.

score: Chris Sand and Trisha Lovgren
director/editor: Vanessa Renwick
online editor: Tim Scotten

Renwick remixes and rescores a 1943 western featuring the grudge match of the century between a horse and a bear. 
With a song by  Chris Sand (the Rappin Cowboy) and Trisha Lovgren so pretty, we dare you not to cry.
-Antimatter Film Festival