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N S E W   DVD (for individual personal use) cover

N S E W DVD (for individual personal use)

NSEW is a compilation of 25 short films by Vanessa Renwick, with over three hours of feminist, experimental, political, lyrical, documentary films. The collection is raw, beautiful, ugly, hilarious, profound and inspiring.

The dvd comes in a beautiful letter pressed box with a cover image by Margaret Kilgallen and lettering by Carson Ellis.

"Vanessa Renwick's films reveal the hidden stories & secret lives that define our great national weirdness, imbued with the radical curiosity and vision of a true pioneer."

Todd Haynes- filmmaker

"Vanessa Renwick was a powerful influence on me in my twenties -- here is a woman who has taught herself how to make movies, following her own rules about what movies can be and creating them in ways that are personal, organic, and sometimes wildly risky. Her body of work is substantial and important, and radiates with love and anger and sense of real joy in the gritty specifics of life (and death) on Earth."

Miranda July- filmmaker

“Vanessa Renwick has a wanderer’s soul. She will never be tamed. Freedom can never do more than spend itself searching for itself. Vanessa’s seeking, unsatisfied kind of freedom will thus never reach the end of the road. But her movies are not only about herself, or about the borders and patterns she sees. She gives love and recognition to the strivings of other outlaws. The result is a rare public spiritdness.”

William T. Vollmann, - author



N S E W DVD (Institutional use)

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